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Hello Matcha Family, 
Today we are going to have a look at the weight loss function of matcha. Does matcha help you losing weight? How does that work? 

The answer to the first question is a simple "Yes". There are many studies out there that found that matcha has a positive effect on weight loss during a diet. There is a great collection of only some of these studies, compiled by R. Hursel et al.  

The studies found out, that over a time frame of ca. 12 weeks, people drinking matcha lost about 1-2 kg more than the control group which was not drinking matcha. Of course, also the control group might have lost some weight, but the matcha drinkers lost up to 2kg more. There is your matcha effect! 

Please be aware that matcha does not make you lose 10kg in a month. This is simply not possible without hurting your health. Don't listen to theses diet gurus that promise you 10kg or 15kg in a month. This is a certain way to a Yoyo-effect and to hurting your health.  

However, if you are considering a serious diet that should be done over a time frame of at least 6-12 months then you will get a great additional booster with matcha. You might lose 10kg instead of 6kg in six months for example. This is sustainably possible and you can achieve such results.

Figure 1: Results on weight loss by Matcha from 15 studies 


So it is clear that matcha can have a positive effect on your diet. Now we want to answer the "Why?". What is the effect or how is matcha working? The answer is caffeine or theine. And not many of you will know that both are the same!

At least in a chemical point of view caffeine and theine is the same molecule. However, the two are processed very differently in the human body. While caffeine from coffee leads to a short flash which boosts the whole metabolism for about 2-4 hours, the theine from matcha will last for 6 hours and more. During that time, you will be more active and you will burn calories faster. 

The reason for theine to last longer is its company. The chemistry of a complex system like a tea is difficult to be understood fully. However, we know that the amino acid L-theanine plays a very big role in the difference in the effect of matcha compared to coffee. 

So summarized, matcha can boost your diet results on the long run and the reason for that is that the theine from matcha is a booster for your calorie burn rate. Nice to know and yummy to drink!


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