10 Best Chaffles Recipes

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It can be hard to start your day with the right keto breakfast. You want to be low on carbs and stay in ketosis. However, all common breakfast dishes contain too many carbs. Muffins, pancakes, waffles, bread ... No choise for the keto family!

But wait. Is there really no alternative? 

Yes there is! Instead of waffles you can make tasty keto chaffles. Chaffles are made of eggs and cheese and they contain almost no carbs. The best thing about chaffles is that they are so versatile and customizable. You will never get bored because there is always a chaffle you have not tried before. 

You will never again miss bread when you learn how to make chaffles. Find our favourites below and enjoy the 10 best chaffle recipes. 

10: Keto Cinnamon Roll Chaffles


"EASY chaffles that are so tasty and delish. Cinnamon roll chaffles drizzle with yummy icing – frosting. Mix up this low carb chaffle recipe in under 5 minutes. You will be in and out of the kitchen in no time at all."
Get the recipe HERE


9: Keto Oreo Chaffles














 "Oh hey there, let me introduce you to my new best friend.

It’s the love child of an Oreo coockie and a chaffle … the keto Oreo Chaffle, and it’s amazing. Rich, chocolatey, crisp chaffles filled with a delicious sugar-free vanilla mascarpone cream."

Get the recipe HERE


8: Keto Snickers Chaffles

"EASY keto Snickers chaffle recipe that you will want to make.

If you love Snickers candy bars then check out these low carb chaffles. Get ready to make this waffle maker recipe. Simple and quick keto Snickers chaffles."

Get the recipe HERE


7: Keto Blueberry Chaffles

"This tasty keto blueberry waffles is technically called a Keto Chaffle! And boy is it delish! Perfectly sweet, with juicy blueberries, these blueberry keto chaffles taste great and are low carb and keto friendly."

Get the recipe HERE


6: Keto Pumpkin Cheesecake Chaffles

"Just in time for Fall, this Keto Pumpkin Cheesecake Chaffle has all of your favorite Fall flavors! Enjoy the season with this mouthwatering, easy to make treat!"

Get the recipe HERE


5: Vegan Keto Chaffles

"A deliciously thick and crispy vegan keto waffle that can be made with just 4 simple ingredients and under 5 minutes!"

Get the recipe HERE


4: Keto Peanut Butter Chaffles

"The peanut butter chaffle is a sweet and nutty waffle you can enjoy in the mornings or have it as a treat when you have a craving."

Get the recipe HERE


3: Keto Lemon Chaffles with Lemon Icing

"Eat this sweet and tangy lemon chaffle for breakfast or enjoy as a keto dessert. This low carb waffle has a zing to it that will make you want it for every meal!"

Get the recipe HERE


2: Keto Neapolitan Chaffles

"Craving something delicious for breakfast? Just whip up a stack of low-carb neapolitan chaffles! Strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla come together in a dish so delicious, you’ll feel like you’re eating dessert for breakfast."

Get the recipe HERE


1: Keto Chaffle Breakfast Sandwich

"How cute is this Keto Chaffle Breakfast Sandwich? ... The waffle base makes perfect sandwiches so feel free to let your imagination run wild with these. For today we're doing a breakfast style sandwich with egg, bacon, tomato, and cheese."

Get the recipe HERE




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