10 Best Keto Fat Bomb Recipes

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Looking for a yummy dessert for your keto lunch? Fat Bombs are a tasty way to make sure that you reach your fat macros. They can be spicy or sweet and there are so many different recipes that you will never get bored. Use them as a spicy snack or a sweet dessert to pimp your keto lunch.

Try our 10 favorite fat bomb recipes and yummy up your keto lunch! They are keto-friendly, they are tasty, and you will love them.

10. Keto Chocolate Brownie Bombs

"These 4-ingredient chocolate keto brownie bombs are dangerously delicious! And unlike the original Fat Bomb Recipe, you can make these without coconut oil!"

Find the recipe HERE


9. Cinnamon Roll Fat Bombs with Cream Cheese Frosting

"I’m not sure if there’s any better homemade baked good than a cinnamon roll that’s fresh out of the oven, with a cream cheese frosting just melting down the sides. It’s honestly one of the very few baked treats that I can say is so good that it’s simply to die for. With that in mind, do I ever have a special treat for you guys today. Here’s a recipe for making cinnamon roll fat bombs with a cream cheese frosting."

Find the recipe HERE



"These are The Best Chocolate Keto Fat Bombs I have tried! They are NO BAKE so they are easy to make, decadent, rich, and super creamy! This recipe is made with sugar-free peanut butter, walnuts, cream cheese, and coconut! They will become your go-to keto snack or dessert being just 1g net carbs per square, and they taste just like chocolate fudge!"

Find the recipe HERE



"Keto peanut butter fudge made with cream cheese has a smooth creamy texture. It’s one of the best low carb and sugar free fudge recipes ever!"

Find the recipe HERE


6. Keto Breakfast Fat Bombs

"These easy Keto Breakfast Fat Bombs are made with cream cheese, green onion, eggs, and bacon. a delicious morning meal perfect for mornings on the go."

Find the recipe HERE

5. Keto Cream Cheese Peanut Butter Fat Bombs

"Keto Cream Cheese Peanut Butter Fat Bombs – So rich in flavor, you’ll be satisfied with just a few bites! These low carb, high fat peanut butter fat bombs take just a few minutes to whip up and make a perfectly delicious keto snack. Vegetarian, and gluten-free too!"

Find the recipe HERE


4. Pecan Pie Keto Fat Bombs 

"This recipe goes so well with a nice cup of black tea or coffee, I absolutely love it. And even though it’s quite a task to make traditional pecan pie, these little guys can give you that cozy holiday feeling of pecan pie in a blink of an eye with almost no effort! You can literally whip them up in five minutes and after they’ve chilled for a short period of time you can enjoy them for up to 3 days."

Find the recipe HERE


3. Buffalo Chicken Fat Bombs

"These Keto Buffalo Chicken Fat bombs are an awesome savory fat bomb option that’s packed with healthy fats and protein."

Find the recipe HERE



"These no-bake Keto jalapeno popper fat bombs are a savory snack that’s easy to whip up and have handy for snacking, or even as an appetizer!"

Find the recipe HERE



"These Low Carb Bacon Crab Rangoon Fat Bombs are a small snack that’s High in Fat and Low in Carbs. You can have them as a Quick Breakfast, or Mid-Afternoon Snack, as a Pre- or After- Workout Snack or a Delicious Keto Appetizer or Side Dish."

Find the recipe HERE






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