10 Tasty Keto Breakfasts

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It can be hard to start your day with the right keto breakfast. You want to be low on carbs and stay in ketosis. However, there are not so many tasty breakfasts that do not contain carbs. Sometimes breakfast can get really boring and sometimes you miss the tasty dishes with carbs, like donuts, muffins etc. It seems that there is not so much tasty choise for the keto family! But wait. Is there really no choice?

Here are 10 delicious & tasty keto breakfast recipes to give you a yummy start into your keto day. They are low carb and tasty and easy to prepare. You will love these!

10. Almond Flour Crepes

"These keto almond flour crepes stay flexible even after a few days in the fridge. A delicious breakfast or dessert, you can stuff them with all your favorite sugar-free fillings. Or make a savory version for a delicious keto wrap!"

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9. Bacon & Egg Fat Bombs

"If you are one of those people who don't want to include any low-carb sweeteners, savoury snacks are a better option. Unlike sweet fat bombs, savoury fat bombs are more filling and don't seem to trigger cravings. Enjoy!"

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"This healthy loaded cauliflower tastes like loaded potato skins without all the carbs. Made with butter, sour cream, chives, cheddar cheese and bacon, it’s the ultimate side for keto diets."

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"Easy Keto Avocado Toast recipe - delicious avocado toast on keto sandwich bread topped with prosciutto, arugula, peppers, and chives."

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"These Keto Egg Cups are an easy, delicious low carb breakfast recipe that is perfect for grabbing on-the-go! Made with bacon, cheese, heavy cream, and veggies, they are baked in the oven using a muffin tin, so you can make these ahead of time in large batches and freeze for later."

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"Sausage and Spinach Crustless Quiche is an easy low carb (keto) breakfast or brunch recipe loaded with sausage, cheese, and spinach."

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3. Chia Matcha Overnight Breakfast Smoothie

"This Chia Matcha Overnight Breakfast Smoothie is a great way to start the day! An energizing, make ahead smoothie packed with antioxidants, fiber, and probiotics! Just blend it up the night before and enjoy the next morning. The perfect green smoothie breakfast on the go, or anytime!"

Find the recipe HERE


2. Keto Breakfast Tacos

"Tacos are a great meal that gives a bit more hands-on attitude with what you’re eating. On a ketogenic diet, we’re used to seeing some different tortillas (some made from osyllium husk and some made from flaxseed meal). But, the real crunch of the shell never really comes through, unless you fry it."

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1. Ham & Cheese Egg Cups

"This low-carb breakfast comes together in no time—seriously, you only need 20-ish minutes! If you like your eggs super runny, you might want to pull them from the oven a minute before you think they're ready. You'll need to let them rest for a bit in the muffin tin before taking them out (they'll be HOT), and during these few minutes, the eggs will continue to cook slightly."

Find the recipe HERE

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