The Matcha Diet

The Matcha Diet

The Way of Tea:

Hello and welcome to the Matcha Family!

I want to give you the bad news first! Matcha is not a wonder drug. Matcha is not a get slim overnight pill. It is not a magic trick and you will not be getting skinny from your couch.

Maintaining a healthy body weight is a process we keep working on and we keep optimizing every day. However, if you decide today that you want to lose weight and keep a healthy body, then Matcha can help you tremendously and boost your results. It will fuel your metabolism to burn more fat, it will strengthen your focus to keep going and at the same time it will reduce your stress level significantly and keep you calm and relaxed. And that are the good news!

When you start the Matcha diet, we will also be there to support you with all the things that you need. We give you a diet plan and we will push you with tips and tricks and the continuous motivation that you need to keep going.

If you stick to your plan and become part of our Matcha Family, you will succeed to get your dream body as many of us did before you. And more important, you will live a healthier and more balanced life!


The Three Pillars - Nutrition, Fitness & Mindset


The three pillars of Matcha Diet



Nutrition is our fuel. We do not want to feed your Ferrari (your beautiful body) the bad fuel, because then you will not win the race. Your motor will not work properly and you will not be able to get high performance.

It is really the same with bad nutrition. Our first world diet is full of stuff that is not good for our body. We eat too much sugar and processed food. Our body lacks of essential molecules and minerals. Our servings are too big. We often feel tired after lunch and we gain too much weight. On the other hand, we keep hungry because we have insufficiencies and our body is in desperate need of healthy nutrition. 

The Matcha Diet will give you a balanced diet with everything that you need to stay skinny and feed your body with all essential minerals and molecules. You will have no lack of any micro nutrition like on a keto or low carb diet that gives you the perfect Yoyo-effect. Remember, a Yoyo is a dangerous tool. It can hit you in the face! With a balanced diet you will get sustainable results and prevent insufficiencies.

Matcha will help you to burn more calories and get slim faster. 

Nutrition - The fuel for our body



If you do not drive your Ferrari, then your motor will get blocked and finally it will not work when it needs to. We want to drive our Ferraris every now and then to keep it shaped and maintained.

You should do sports at least three times a week. If you are a beginner start small. If you are advanced, keep gaining. We will give you valuable tips and tricks for your jogging and biking program. And Remember! It is not about going to Olympia … It is about keeping in motion continuously.

Matcha will help you staying active, and energized to stay fresh and willing to go out and give your best every day!

Fitness - Essential for maintaining a healthy body



If you have your perfect Ferrari full of high quality fuel you will not win the race of Le Mans. Why not? Because a race driver needs a suitable mindset that he trains and develops over the years. Only with that mindset he will be able to stay focused and take the risk to drive into that last curve just centimeters away from the sideline after 12 hours without any sleep. Only with that mindset he will be able to train hard every day to know that lap with his eyes closed.

It is the same with maintaining a healthy body. We need to change habits and this hurts a lot in the beginning. Matcha can help you to actively change your habits. We will show you how to do your short every day meditation, after drinking your tea. This may seem a little odd in the beginning, but you will understand that you do not change your body without changing your habits.

I ate a lot before I started with Matcha. I ate when I had stress and I ate in the evening because I was used to and finally trained to do so. Matcha helped me to reduce my stress level, but it also helped me to actively change my eating habits. I would quit the day with my Matcha meditation and afterwards I would not watch TV and have dinner but read a book and calm down. I broke my habit. In the beginning this hurt but we will give you some tricks like low calorie snacks that you can eat in case of emergency. And we will push you to keep going.

Matcha will give you the right mindset to change your habits and keep on going into the right direction.

 Mindset - Hardware is nothing without a good software.


Our Matcha Values - Focus, Balance & Persistence


Have you ever seen a Japanese Tea ceremony? You really should do so. (Simply type in Tea ceremony on YouTube) When I first saw one I thought that looks really strange. When I saw it the second time I realized how much the “tea master” focused on little details and how aware he was about his process and each single step. This is really a precision job!

Do we want to you to become Tea masters? Absolutely not. A tea ceremony is about worshiping and showing respect to your guests and it is all about relationships.

We want you to respect and worship your own body. We want you to focus on the program. Stick to the rules. If you want to break the rules, take a step back look into the mirror and say to yourself: “I am going to break my rules”. Be aware of yourself, be aware of your body and be aware of your process.

When starting to meditate just for 10 minutes every day you will see that your focus will increase a lot over the weeks and you will be doing everything with a higher awareness and self-consciousness. 


You should not eat "zero carbs". We do not want you to lose 3kg in one week. We want you to eat healthy and balanced, reduce your stress level and focus on your diet. We want you to do every day from now on.

If we have no balance in life, we will get off track. I tried a low carb diet myself. It worked great! I lost about 10 pounds in several weeks and I was so happy! And after that I gained 15 pounds. I had munchies all day long and my blood sugar level was down at rock bottom.

A sustainable diet is a balanced diet. A stable state of mind is a balanced state of mind. We will work on that together.


Before Ferrari won the famous race of Le Mans the first time he was working with motors for more than 40 years at his own company and at his father’s locksmith shop. 6 years after his first triumph in Le mans he won the race six times in a row, after optimizing his cars further. He was building the best motors worldwide at that time. He improved his cars for more than 20 years before he finally gained a state perfection.

This is what I mean when I speak of persistence. It is a life time job and it starts every day when you get out of bed.

When it comes to diet we work with the same patterns. We need to create the right habits that are good for us and we need to maintain them over a long time frame. We need to find and keep our healthy "every day-rituals".

It only makes sense if we keep going. We do not want to give you a Yoyo diet. We want you to change your habits and keep a sustainable diet for the rest of your life.

Matcha will help you in many ways. But remember: We can show you the jar, but you must be willing to fill it with water. Or in this case with healthy Matcha tea.