◼️ How is the Matcha made? Where does it come from?

Our matcha is made from Japanese green tea plants. It is purely based on these plants. No chemicals are added in the harvesting process or afterwards. We only use highest quality tea, also called ceremonial grade Matcha. This tea is allowed at the traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. We import exclusively from Japan and have a very strict supplier sourcing to make sure that we only use high quality and trusted traditional Japanese tea suppliers 

◼️ How much Matcha should I drink per day?

We recommend to drink 2 cups of Matcha with each half a tea spoon of Matcha powder. (1.75g) It is possible to drink up to 3 cups of Matcha without any negative effects. Matcha is absolutely not dangerous, but If you drink way too much you will have the same effects as when drinking too much coffee (Anxiety, nervousness, bad sleep ...)  One cup of Matcha contains 1/3 of the caffeine of a small Espresso coffee. 

◼️ How can I drink my Matcha?

The traditional way of drinking Matcha is as a thin tea called Ousucha. You can mix half a tea spoon (1.75g) of Matcha with hot water 70-90°C with a traditional Matcha whisk or a simple milk frother. 

If you like you can also drink it cold pure or mixed with fruit juice. One really tasty way is to mix it with orange juice. The citric acid from oranges will accelerate the intake of anti-oxidants and will make it work even better. 

◼️ Can I drink Matcha also in the evening?

Most people can drink Matcha also in the evening without any problems. However, some people that are very sensitive to caffeine find that they will have problems to fall asleep if they drink Matcha too late. You need to find out for yourself. If you are one of those people you should drink your second cup directly after work or even after lunch.

◼️ I don't feel a difference. Should I drink more Matcha?

Matcha will show its effect not on the first day. You need to give it time. Stay with 2 cups for some weeks, do your meditations fitness units and eat according to the diet. If you find that you do not feel much from the Matcha, you are free to increase your intake a bit (e.g. 3 cups). But remember: Matcha works steadily and quietly. It helps you to be more balanced and lose more weight. Do not expect to lose 5kg in a week! This is not realistic.

◼️ Is it really necessary to do the meditations?

Yes! Try to do all your meditation units. It is part of the program. We work on nutrition, fitness & mindset. It is all part of the game. A healthy body is home for a healthy soul. If you seriously want to change something and want to try this program, try to keep going with the meditations for 1 or 2 months. You will start to like it and feel a difference after some time. I promise!

◼️ Am I only allowed to eat the dishes included in the program?

No. These are just suggestions. There are many healthy recipes out there that provide balance and not too many calories. You are free to keep searching and trying out. Try to keep balanced and eat no processed foods, try to have all macro nutrients (proteins, carbon hydrates and fat) and try to stay in the suggested range with your daily and weekly intake. It will work also with other healthy recipes. 

◼️ How do I contact Slim Cup if my question isn’t answered here?

You can write us an email on our contact page. You can find the link in the header of our homepage.